• Orlando Lawn Treatment

  • For Environmentally Safe Green Lawns! 


    Our Green Lawn service starts with an examination of your lawn and landscape condition...as well as your plants and shrubs. In order to address any problems that may arise, Orlando LawnScapes is always happy to consult with you about the best way to get a healthy lawn and landscape, and about the products used and the services provided.

    We'll help you select the perfect service plan for your landscape and your budget.

    The Green Lawn treatment is customized based upon turf type and growing season. When the soil is cool and less active, we apply more plant nutrients. When the soil is warm and active, we apply more soil amendments, which build topsoil and soil fertility so your lawn and landscape will stay healthy and happy.

    Extra care is given to ensure that the results are just what you expect, and all treatments are based on natural, bio-based fertilizer products.

    We follow Least Toxic Pest Control Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Weed and Insect Control Services for Lawns and Landscapes; we also provide Non-toxic Pest Control Service as well.

    Orlando LawnScapes will make your lawn, trees and shrubs gree, healthy and beautiful in an environmentally safe manner.